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What are data sources in LicenceOne?

LicenceOne automatically identifies online applications, employees, and related information through data sources.

For optimal performance, we strongly advise every user to incorporate at least:
1 financial data source, allowing us to pinpoint your app expenses.
1 login activity data source, enabling us to identify unused licences and discover free apps in your company.
1 employee list data source, ensuring that LicenceOne automatically generates a profile for every new employee.

Below, we'll explore how each data source amplifies your LicenceOne experience 👇

💸 Financial data sources

Add financial data sources, and LicenceOne will track and consistently update your app spending.

Once you sync a financial data source, LicenceOne can:
Spot your company's paid apps
Catch every app-related transaction
Notice billing patterns like monthly or yearly
Offer and set reminders for contract renewals

You can link up three kinds of financial data sources:
Bank accounts (both debit and credit cards will work👌)
Virtual card options
Accounting tools

Heads up: your company can link multiple payment sources OR 1 accounting tool at once. But, synchronizing a payment source with an accounting tool at the same time won't work as it'll just create duplicate app transactions.

Payment data (Banks & virtual cards)

Connect your bank accounts (we support over 13,000 in the USA, Canada, & Europe) or your virtual card tools like Pleo and Soldo. Every day, LicenceOne will look for online app spending.

If we spot app-related transactions, we'll add that payment info (the transaction date, description, amount) to your LicenceOne account.

For security reasons, most banks will stop the sync every 90–180 days. You'll need to log back into LicenceOne to reconnect. Don't worry, we'll email you each time this happens.

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Your bank isn’t available as a data source?

Accounting software data

Hook up your accounting tools like Quickbooks, Xero, or Sellsy. Every day, LicenceOne will peek into the payments/purchases part of your software.

If your payment entries are correctly entered (like no excessive typos on a Goougle Wurkspice bill 😓), we'll grab that payment detail (when it happened, what it's for, how much) and pop it into your LicenceOne account.

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❓How much financial data history can LicenceOne recuperate?
LicenceOne always asks for a 13-month financial history from your financial data sources. But, some banks and virtual card tools might only give us 1 to 3 months transaction history.

📈 Login activity data sources

Link your login activity data sources, and LicenceOne will track when your team last logged in to their work apps.

After you sync this data source, LicenceOne will allow you to:
See which team members use which apps
Notify you if someone's not used an app for 30 days (you can change this in the activity settings)
Find free apps your team's using, handy for governance and offboarding when someone leaves

Browser extension

Ask your team to add the LicenceOne extension to their browser. When they use a work app on that browser, we'll note the app's name and the last date they used it.

LicenceOne only tracks work apps like Slack, Zapier, and Pipedrive. We never track or display any other sites visited, so no worries about browsing Netflix, Wikipedia, or Tinder - neither LicenceOne nor your employer will see it.

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🧑‍🤝‍🧑Employee list data sources

Connect your employee list sources to LicenceOne, and we'll always have an up-to-date list of your employees.

Once synced, LicenceOne will:
Spot when someone joins or exits your team
Instantly make a profile for them in your workspace's employee section (if you want to give them access to your workspace, you'll also need to invite them via the users section of your workspace)
Gather basic info like their first name, last name, and email

Google Workspace

Pair Google Workspace with LicenceOne, and we'll bring in all your team members and the work apps they've accessed using the "Sign in with Google" button in the past 13 months.

For more information, you may find the following articles helpful:
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Manually import your employee list (CSV/Excel)

You may also import all of your employees by contacting us ( or via the in-app chat tool).

We'll just need a CSV or Excel list of your employees, with the following columns:
Employee first name
Employee last name
Employee email

Manually add your employees one-by-one

You can also add employees manually via the employees section by clicking on the Add an employee button on the top right of the page.

Updated on: 03/04/2024

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