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How do I remove an application from LicenceOne?

Untrack an application

Best used for situations where your company **does **use an application but you don't think it's important to monitor (for example, it's free and you don't think it presents a data governance risk).

This option will filter the application from your interface and stop all notifications related to the application being sent. The data related to the untracked application (manager, team, spend, login activity etc.) will not be deleted. You can easily access them all when you re-track the application.

Delete an application

Best used for situations where:
Your company previously used the application but has now stopped
You don't consider it a business application and want to alert the LicenceOne team
LicenceOne has made a mistake in identifying the application, and you want to alert the LicenceOne team

This option will delete the application from your interface, stop all related notifications, and delete all the data (manager, team, spend, login activity etc.) linked to the application.

Can an application be tracked again or undeleted?

If you have untracked an application, the only way to track it again is to change the tracking toggle on the application page. To find a list of your untracked applications, head to the Applications section and select Untracked from the filter on the top-left of the window.

If you have deleted an application, it may be added to your interface again if:
LicenceOne detects new spend or login activity for the application
A user manually adds this application to LicenceOne again

Please note: even if LicenceOne detects a deleted application for a second time, only the new data will be visible. All previous data will have been deleted and unrecoverable.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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