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What is a LicenceOne demonstration account?

All new users of LicenceOne start with a demonstration account with example data that they can play around with (i.e. fake, not real, dummy).

This helps everyone understand what our platform can do without having to set everything up with their real data sources.

If you want to start analysing your own data straight away, that's not a problem! Just click the "click here" text on the top bar, confirm that you'd like to switch, then add the data sources to LicenceOne that you'd like us to analyse.

Can I switch back to a demonstration account once I have switched to a live account?

Unfortunately not. Once you have switched from a demonstration account to live account, there is no going back.

Why are some actions and features blocked on my account?

We block some features on demonstration accounts (e.g. invite a user, modify team names, add data source) as we don't want users to get confused between a "demonstration account" and a "live account".

If you want to add real information to LicenceOne, not a problem. You just need to switch to a "live account" with real data.

Does it cost more money to switch to a live account with real data?

No. To be more specific, either:
You have already paid for a LicenceOne subscription before switching to a live account (e.g. you're a Sumo-ling ) -> You don't need to pay any extra to move to a live account
You have not yet paid for a LicenceOne subscription -> Switching to a live account will start your free trial period; after which you will need to subscribe to continue your access to LicenceOne

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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