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What does financial model, billing cycle, and spend last billing cycle mean?

Financial model

This helps you track each application's business model so that you can differentiate between the different types and prioritize your tasks accordingly.


Applications that automatically collect payment from you to continue having access to the platform.


Applications where you pay once and have access to the platform or licence forever.


Platforms that don't necessarily have any recurring payments, but you have employees who have access, so they can purchase assets (e.g. marketing materials, freelancer time etc.)

Pay as you go

Applications and platforms that are based on “credits” or how much you consume of an application, e.g. email sending platforms

Billing cycle

This helps you define how regularly an application will bill your company for access to their platform.


Your application bills you once per year


Your application bills you once per month


Your application will only ever bill you once


When an application bills you on a different frequency that doesn't fit into the above, e.g. you make multiple payments per month

Spend last billing cycle

This is how much LicenceOne has detected that you spent on your application on the previous billing cycle.

Real-world examples and explanations

Billing cycleSpend last billing cycleExplanation
Monthly$20LicenceOne detected that you spent $20 last month (billing cycle)
Annual$500LicenceOne detected that you spent $500 last year (billing cycle)
One-time$50LicenceOne detected that you paid $50 for access to this application and that you should never expect to be billed again

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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