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How to add Xero as a data source

If you're using Xero accounting to manage all of your business expenses, you can link your account to LicenceOne to automatically detect:
All the applications you've paid for
Your spend history
Your billing cycles (monthly, yearly etc.)
And much, much more!

Video tutorial (3 min)


1. Select Xero from the data sources panel

While logged into your LicenceOne account, head to the data sources section and either:

If you have no data sources synchronized with LicenceOne

Click on the "Connect ->" button on the bottom-right of the Accounting software box

If you already have a data source synchronized with LicenceOne

Click the Add data source button on the top right of your interface, then select Xero accounting from the list of data sources that are presented.

If you already have a bank account synchronized as a data source, you will need to delete this from LicenceOne before adding Xero accounting as LicenceOne cannot synchronize both bank transactions and accounting payments at the same time

2. Select Xero from the integration portal

You will be redirected to LicenceOne's accounting integration portal, where all of our accounting data sources are listed. From here, select Xero from the list.

3. Authorize LicenceOne

To allow LicenceOne to start synchronizing your Xero payments and detecting if they're related to software, click the Authorize button on the bottom right of the Xero section.

4. Log in to Xero and confirm your choice

To confirm that you have the required access rights to grant access to LicenceOne, Xero will ask you to log in and confirm that you want to allow us access to your transactions. To continue, click the Allow access button at the bottom of said page.

5. Choose the business you wish to analyse

If successful, you should be redirected to Xero's page on our integration portal. Now, the only thing left is to select the company that you'd like LicenceOne to synchronize with (next to the Tenants section), and then click the Save button on the bottom right of the interface.

You're done! LicenceOne's now analysing your Xero payments and will keep monitoring your Xero account for any new payments each day 🎉


LicenceOne didn't detect any software

Our integration is based on the recommended Xero usage, so will work in the following instances:

Your software expenses should be recorded as Bills in Xero
Your bills should be marked as Approved
Your bills should be linked to a Xero entity called payment
If you use the reconciliation feature for payments, your software payments should be reconciled to supplier invoices

To make this process easier, Xero has a feature called Bank reconciliation where you can synchronize your bank account with Xero, and then make a link between your Xero bills and your bank transactions with a Xero payment.

If your use case matches the above but LicenceOne is still not detecting any applications, please contact us so we can check if there is something wrong 🔬

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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