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Your bank isn’t available as a data source?

Despite being able to synchronise and detect software subscriptions from over 12 000 different bank accounts across Europe and North America, it can happen that we've missed a couple of banks along the way.

It doesn't need to stay that way though.

To request that we add your bank to our synchronization capabilities, please click here.

Note: You can still detect software by adding Google Workspace as a data source or by manually adding applications.

A note about what countries we can cover

Few countries have open banking and bank aggregation regulations; or worse, haven't indicated that they have the ambition to implement them within the immediate future.

Without these clear guidances, regulations, or standards it means that we:
Can't oblige banks to provide safe API access to banking data
Will have to do guesswork to understand what regulations will be in 5-10 years
Will have to request users to reauthorize their bank synchronization every 24 hours
Will inevitably make mistakes

We refuse to integrate with banks in such countries as, quite frankly, it scares us.

We will only ever synchronise with banks in countries:
With existing open banking regulations and guidelines for safeguarding banking data; or with clear intentions and guidelines to implement them in the immediate future;
With obligations for banking institutions to provide secure API acccess for third-party providers (like us 😉); or with clear intentions to implement them in the immediate future

At time of writing, the only countries and regions that fit this criteria and therefore, may be considered for new bank integrations are:
European Economic Area
United States of America
United Kingdom

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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