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Deploying the LicenceOne browser extension

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Use LicenceOne’s email invite system
Send a universal installation link to all your employees
Deploy using Chrome managed browsers
Linking the browser extension to an employee profile
Monitoring extension deployment progress

Use LicenceOne’s email invite system

LicenceOne has built an email invite system so that you can send out browser extension invites en masse, without the hassle of communicating with each team member individually.

All team members that you want to invite have been added as employees in your workspace (read here for more information)
You have Administrator or Owner access rights (you can check this in the users section)

Email invite instructions
Head to the browser extension settings page (Settings > Browser extension)
Select the users that you want to invite
Click Send invitations
You’ll then be brought to a page where you can customize a personal message that’ll be added to the invitation email that will be sent to the users you previously selected
Click the Send to __ employees button
Hey presto! All of your employees will now receive the invitation to install and link their browser extension.

Instead of sending multiple links to your team (e.g. Chrome web store, Firefox store etc.), LicenceOne has built a universal link that detects the browser that your team members are using, and proposes the relevant marketplace for the browser that they use.

You have enabled the Allow users with a email to automatically link their browser extension with LicenceOne option on the browser extension settings page


All team members that you want to invite have been added as employees in your workspace (read here for more information)

Universal link instructions
Copy the universal invite link to your clipboard:
Send the link to your team members however you wish (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, email - whatever you'd like 🙂). As a starting point, you may want to use and adapt our template below:

Hey everyone,
We’re using LicenceOne to build an inventory of the online applications that we use, ensure that people are removed from all apps if they leave the company, and monitor whether the apps we use are compliant with data protection regulations.
To track who has access to each app, their platform uses a browser extension that we need everyone to install and link with their work email.
Therefore, could you install it on all the web browsers that you use for work, by visiting and following the instructions for your browser please?
If you're curious, they’ve also got a quick demo video showing their platform that you might be interested in.
If you have questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message - or you can also contact their support team (English, French, or German) on

After sending that message to your team, you can then continue by monitoring your extension deployment progress.

Deploy using Chrome managed browsers

If your company uses the Chrome managed browser feature in Google Workspace, you can force the installation of the LicenceOne browser extension and skip all the previous steps.

Sign in to your Google Workspace administrator panel
Head to Devices > Chrome > Apps & Extensions > Users & Browsers (or just click here to open that section)
Click on the yellow + button on the bottom right of your interface, then click on the Add from Chrome Web Store button
Search for LicenceOne in the web store pop-up that appears, or use the “View by app ID” search bar and search for jneemdecgdmpdobbdbinpfahjmcchdnc
Once you’ve arrived at the LicenceOne extension page, click on the blue Select button on the top right of the pop-up window
Open the LicenceOne extension settings panel by clicking on the LicenceOne logo on your applications list. This should automatically open, but if not, you can click here to open it directly
On the panel that appears on the right side of your interface, under the Installation policy heading, click the Allow install 🔽 option then select Force install
The extension will now be progressively installed on all of your managed Chrome browsers, and the only thing left to do is link each browser to an employee profile

Linking the browser extension to an employee profile

To match a browser to an employee, LicenceOne asks each employee to fill in their professional email address on the extension and verify it via a magic link sent to their inbox.

Note: the browser extension will not monitor business app activity for an employee unless they have verified their email address

To do so, each team member needs to perform the following:
Click on the LicenceOne extension icon on their browser of choice
Enter their professional email address and click Activate extension
Head to the inbox of the email address entered in step 2, and click on the Activate extension button contained within
Hey presto! 🪄Their employee profile is now linked with their extension and LicenceOne is actively monitoring their business app usage

If your team members require specific instructions for different browsers (e.g. Edge, Firefox, Brave etc.), you may consult our detailed article which goes through each step on a browser by browser basis.

Monitoring extension deployment progress

If you’ve added employees to your workspace, you will be able to monitor the progress of your extension deployment on the extension settings page.

Within, you will see a list of all employees associated with one of the following statuses:
Active The associated employee has linked their browser and LicenceOne has detected activity from them in the previous 30 days
Inactive The associated employee has linked their browser, but we haven’t detected any activity from them in the previous 30 days
Not installed The associated employee has not yet linked their browser with their professional email address

Updated on: 03/04/2024

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