LicenceOne allows users to customise their interface so that their own company logo appears on the top left of the menu bar instead of LicenceOne's:

To do add your logo to your account, you will need your company logo to be:

  • Uploaded on a publicly available URL (e.g. Imgur, your WordPress site, your Webflow assets etc.)

  • In png, jpg, SVG, or gif format

  • In a horizontal layout format

  • Ideally in 160px x 28px dimensions (we automatically resized your image based on that maximum height)

To help you get your custom logo setup fast, we've created a public Figma playground to help users visualise how their logo will appear in their interface and export it in the correct dimensions.

Got everything ready? Then let's get started!

Add your logo to LicenceOne

  1. Go to Settings > Company information

  2. Scroll to the Company logo URL section

  3. Enter the URL where we can retrieve your company logo

  4. Click Save changes on the bottom right corner

  5. Voilà - your interface is customised with your logo! 🪄


I receive a "Image URL invalid. Please double-check your URL links directly to an image file and try again." message

This is either because the URL you've entered is not publicly available, or does not appear to directly contain an image file.

You may want to try opening the URL in a private browser window to see what the problem could be.

If your image file loads in private browsing, please don't hesitate to contact support to get this fixed for you.

Where should I upload my image?

Wherever you want. So long as the URL is publicly accessible we'll be able to recuperate the image file behind it.

With that said, you'll have much better performance on high-quality hosting as we'll be able to retrieve the image file quicker.

If you'd like to see a list of some free image hosting services that work with LicenceOne, please click here.

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