If you have tried to add an application via the Application missing? section, or by reassigning a transaction, it might happen that no results appear and instead you get a message that says It looks like we don't know this application: Request {AppName}.

Why does this happen?

Despite our database of over 20k indexed applications, sometimes we miss a couple.

If the application you want to create or assign a transaction to doesn't exist in this index, it needs to be manually reviewed by our team before being added to LicenceOne.

What does the manual review process look like?

Our team receives a notification once you click the Request {AppName} text.

They will then verify that this is indeed an application that should be added to our indexed software.

This process should take no longer than two business days during busy periods but is often completed within a couple of hours maximum.

My transactions are still in the old application after requesting a new software (which has been accepted)

Unfortunately, you will need to return to the old application and reassign the transactions for the moment.

We are currently waiting for users to vote on this roadmap item before we prioritise it and make it part of our roadmap.

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