Let us impress you

Without trying to sound too corporate: we genuinely care about user feedback at LicenceOne. For us, that means:

  • Constantly speaking with users and listening to their feedback

  • Developing features for feedback that aligns with our strategy

  • Providing realistic dates for when features will be implemented, and honouring them

  • Being honest with users and saying "No" when a request doesn't align with our product or company strategy or isn't technically possible

So if you'd like to make a feature request, suggest an improvement, or tell us about a bug - we'd love it! 💘

Make LicenceOne feature suggestion

  1. Head over to our feedback portal and public roadmap which can be found at https://feedback.licence.one/

  2. Click on the Suggest a feature button

  3. Give a title to your feature suggestion

    1. Check your feature isn't already suggested from the list that appears underneath your title. If so, go to that request item to vote for it and leave your comment instead. That way you'll be notified once we make any changes 😉

  4. Start outlining your feature request or idea in as much detail as possible (it'll help us come up with a solution that matches your expectations)

  5. Click the Submit button on the bottom right of the interface

  6. Enter your email

  7. Voilà! You will now be notified by email:

    1. Once your request is live in LicenceOne

    2. Any time we change the status of your request (e.g. When we start working on it)

    3. Any time someone leaves a comment on your request (we like to update suggestions with our interface proposals and extra questions, so stay tuned 🙏)

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